Emma Cakecup is accused of lying by Internet users!


Emma Cakecup is currently in turmoil. Internet users accuse the young woman of lying. She allegedly made it appear as though she was the victim of a blackmailer, purely to promote her Only Fans account.

This is not the first time Emma Cakecup has been accused of lying. Indeed, the young woman has already been in several controversies with her companion Vlad. Internet users accuse them of having made bogus contests in order to raise as much money as possible.

But today, it’s another lie that Emma Cakecup is accused of. Indeed, a few days ago, she posted a moving message on social networks. “It’s been a few months since it’s not going, it hasn’t been going at all… Two and a half years ago, I did a nude shoot, I did it because I wanted to do it , I had lost weight. ”

“I had lost over 10 kilos and it was important for me, for my confidence to do that. (…) Now, the person threatens to disclose them if I do not give him 10,000 euros ”


Emma Cakecup then continues, “I’m in a bad state, I swear to you frankly, it’s really horrible this situation. I regret so much that I did this shoot. ”

“I decided to release the photos myself,” explains Emma Cakecup before adding to the intention of her attackers, “Go on well e ***, I won’t give you a dime.

But some fans suspect her of having invented this for the sole purpose of promoting her account and thereby making even more money. “Ptdrrr but create your onlyfan my beautiful no need to find excuses”, “This way she makes people accept that she has an onlyfans / mym account” or even, “She makes us lie about everything” .


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