Eminem, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber do not leave the Top 100!


Nothing seems to be able to stop Eminem, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. The 3 American stars are once again in the Top 100!

Who from Taylor Swift, Eminem or Justin Bieber will then join the very closed club of artists with 100 hits from the Top 100? The 3 singers are waging a fierce fight and never leave the ranking!

Not long ago, Future then created a surprise by bringing 12 sounds from its latest album, High Of Life, to the Top 100. Just that!

With 110 appearances in total in the ranking, the rapper thus joins the very closed 3-figure club.

He thus takes his place alongside Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and even Elvis Presley. High class !

But who will be next? The public wonders. Many artists are approaching it.

Among them, we find Eminem, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, or Justin Bieber. Nothing surprising!

The American stars thus chain projects, but above all, successes. Nothing seems to be able to stop Justin Bieber and his colleagues.


Justin Bieber therefore once again hit hard. The US pop star is wildly popular with the public.

His latest song, Stuck With U, thus appears as his 81st appearance in the Top 100. It must be said that the sound is ripping!

There is no doubt, he will soon reach the coveted record 100 places.

There is even a good chance that the What Do You Mean singer will join the club before Eminem, yet ahead of him in the standings.

And for good reason ! Justin Bieber is used to working with other artists. In fact, the singer’s collabs are very popular with his fans.

However, with its 97 places, Taylor Swift wins! So the singer may well be next.


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