Eminem: Snoop Dogg finally responds to his clash


Nobody saw it coming … But Eminem released an album and attacked Snoop Dogg in it. But the answer did not take long to arrive!

So nobody saw it coming … But Snoop Dogg and Eminem are freaking out! In fact, in his surprise album, Slim Shady looks back on his career, his disappointments … And also attacks others!

Among the targeted rappers, we find 6ix9ine… But also, more surprisingly, Snoop Dogg. In his title Zeus, he returns to a bad memory. That of the top 10 of the best rappers of Snoop.

He has indeed excluded Eminem! He even added an unfortunate sentence… “The game makes us feel like it’s one of the top 10.” Obviously, he didn’t have the same opinion.

“It’s just because he worked with Dr Dre, and he did everything to get the best out of him,” Snoop Dogg added at the time to complete the portrait …

A real heartbreak for Eminem, who therefore decides to talk about it in his album Music to be murderd by- side B. “To talk about clashes, I’m used to people hitting me on”, begins- it as well.


“But not in my own camp”, regrets Slim Shadi. But it does not stop there. “I’m putting on the shapes, but the last thing I need is Snoop to give me one. ”

“Dude, dog, you were a GOD to me, well, not really… I spelled Dog backwards. “So Eminem totally deconstructs his image of Snoop Dogg … Who ends up answering him.

“People who cannot communicate think that anything can go into an argument, so try to explain the artist. Back in the day, if some people hated you, that meant you had done something wrong. ”

“Now that means you did something right. »An attempt to respond to Eminem which may not satisfy both camps … Dr Dre may therefore find himself in the middle of the clash!