Eminem: Machine Gun Kelly wants to “kill” him!


What a story ! Machine Gun Kelly attacks the American rap king: Eminem again. And this time, he didn’t take it easy!

It’s a never-ending clash! Machine Gun Kelly has once again relaunched this tackle battle with Eminem. Indeed, in his new album called: Bullets with Names, the rapper gave himself to heart. In his new song, MGK mentions the idea of ​​killing a goat.

Something that many therefore consider as an attack on the famous Slim Shady. These tackles are not a first in the history of Rap. On the contrary, it’s a way to stand out. By punchlines. But also attacks which will therefore give credit to the best competitor.

Disputes between the two rappers therefore broke out a few years ago. Remember! Everything started with a simple tweet! As a reminder, Machine Gun Kelly had therefore tweeted an inappropriate message about Eminem’s daughter. And this, in 2012! Following these attacks, the young man was therefore banished from the radio.

So he tried to explain his gesture. “Pictures of Hailie were out. And what was I, 21 years old at the time. So I said she is beautiful. Eminem is the king. What’s wrong with that? Is there a 15 year age gap or am I a creep for that? I was 21, man. Some people have taken it badly and exaggerated it. Some people won’t even listen to my album. ”

Since this affair, Eminem has not forgiven! So MGK provokes him as he can. In his refrain: “I got a bullet with somebody’s name on it, I run up on’ em, i don’t need no aim on it “, the message is clearly explicit. Especially with a play on words which therefore ends with “Em”.

One thing is certain, Machine Gun Kelly does not intend to stop there! According to him, these provocations would excite him.


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