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Eminem homosexual? He answers Nick Cannon’s accusations!


Eminem was quick to respond to Nick Cannon’s comments. The latter accuses the rapper of Detroit to hide his homosexuality.

We do not know where Nick Cannon released this info. We imagine that he needs to be talked about by creating the buzz. In any case, he accuses Eminem of having homosexual relations with his driver. The ex-husband of Mariah Carey seems well informed. Eminem then decided not to let the controversy linger, and he responded head-on to Nick Cannon.

On Twitter, the Slim Shady swung 2 tweets towards the rapper, posted at a distance of 30 minutes. “Are you upset, bro? Stop lying about me and my personal life. You’re just a lover of shit history. “First posted Eminem. He then splits a second tweet, full of irony: “I beg your pardon Nicholas, you made my gardener so jealous!

Let’s take a little bit of history. Before starting with Nicholas Scott Cannon, Mariah Carey shared Eminem’s life. The latter did not forget to mention it on the title “Lord Above”. This sound came out on December 6th on Fat Joe’s album. Eminem evokes the relationship between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon by teasing the latter. Nicholas did not like it and decided to answer the rapper from Detroit.

In “The Invitation”, Nick Cannon invited Suge Knight who lends his voice for the intro. Then we hear not very tender words to Eminem: “I heard that your driver had a video of you doing a blowjob / You paid for it / Who is really a balk now? So Nick Cannon wrote. That’s why the author of Rap God has decided to retort on Twitter. The sequel will tell if he is preparing a more serious clash as he could with MGK.



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