Eminem back soon? He would prepare an album for 2020!


General alert! Eminem could make its big comeback in 2020. The interpreter of “River” should unveil a new album in the year.

Eminem could surprise everyone in 2020. The American rapper should release an album in the coming months!

Who does not know the greatest titles of rapper Eminem ?! “The Real Slim Shady”, or even “Stan” and “Sing for the Moment” to name a few … The artist is one of the key figures in urban music. In his clips, he doesn’t stop at anything! His lyrics are provocative and metaphors are always there. To find inspiration, the rap star often draws on his experiences, his aspirations and his escapades!

In the past, his favorite targets have been popstars like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. His ex-wife Kim also took it for his rank. And politicians like George W. Bush took dearly in some of his hits. But in recent years, Eminem has calmed down rather. After a short break in his career, he returned to center stage in 2017 with a new album “Revival”!


Unfortunately for Eminem, his opus “Revival” has also come down to criticism and its public. However, Hailie Jade’s dad had surrounded himself with Beyoncé to make the song “Walk on Water” and Ed Sheeran for the title “River”. The two artists have also worked together for “No. 6 Collaborations Project”. Subsequently, Maria Carey’s sworn enemy also castigated his critics with his album “Kamikaze”.

Meanwhile, Slim Shady has reportedly returned to the studios. The Rap Rap performer is also said to be working hard to lay his 11th album this year. It was his producer Symbolic 1 (S1) who released the news to Hip Hop N More: “I don’t have a lot of information about this, but I work a lot with Eminem. The artists are always very discreet and secretive, but I just know that he has broken a lot of records, so we will see what happens. ” To be continued…


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