Emily’s 90-day-old Fiance’s family Warns Her about birth Control before Kobe’s Fiance arrives in Kansas: “It’s okay”


Welcome to reality! Emily and Kobe Blaze from the 90-day fiance have a lot of changes to make once Kobe lands in Kansas, and Emily’s family has come to worry.

“We all hope he’s the great guy you call him, but he might be a different person when he comes here.”

The 29-year-old American met her 34-year-old fiance when they were both living abroad in China, and after one night they became pregnant. Although they vowed to stay together, Emily returned to her home in Kansas to give birth to their son Koban, while Kobi was stuck abroad.

When season 9 begins, it becomes clear that Emily is happy to see her love after almost two years of separation due to travel restrictions due to COVID-19, but her family is not thrilled with his arrival.

“I’m worried that she’s not head over heels in love with him when he comes, or something is wrong, and she’s marrying him anyway,” Emily’s mom says during confession.

Emily’s father is also nervous about Kobe from Cameroon adapting to their small town and becoming a full-time parent.

“You won’t have a wild life like in China,” her father notes in the teaser. “He will need to be tamed very quickly so that he becomes a father caring for a crazy one-and-a-half-year-old child. He’s going to have to be a stay-at-home dad for a while.”

However, the biggest problem for the English teacher’s relatives, apparently, is the possibility that Emily will give birth to another child with Kobi, while he is legally unable to work in the United States. (Kobe, who was an underwear model in China, cannot find a job for six months after landing in the United States.)

“Okay, I’m paying the bill for six months. I’ve been supporting everyone for six months, right?” says Emily’s father before bumping into her daughter. “One thing is for sure, it’s better not to get pregnant.”

Emily laughs, telling her parents: “I have contraceptives, I just haven’t taken them yet. This is excellent. We won’t have any more children in this house.”

The premiere of the 9th season of the series “90-day groom” will take place on TLC on Sunday, April 17, at 20:00 Korean time. ET.