Emily Ratajkowski Worships Actor Jane Fonda!


In the story of her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski confessed her admiration for actress and activist Jane Fonda.

More than committed, Emily Ratajkowski finds inspiration in Jane Fonda’s career. Besides being a very famous actress, she is also renowned for her activism.

Every day, Emily Ratajkowski gets out of bed to fight a fight: to win equality between men and women. Indeed, the pretty brunette is very committed, more than ever.

Thus, the one that was revealed in the clip Blurred Lines of Robin Thicke does not go a day without continuing her commitment. First on social media.

In an interview with Paper magazine, in August 2018, the mother-to-be explained using her notoriety on the web to get her messages across.

“Are we active on social networks? I don’t prefer to use that word because I don’t really know what it means, ”she explained.

Then, Emily Ratajkowski added: “I consider myself a feminist. So the questions that fascinate me the most concern the problems that affect society. ”

So the young woman never loses hope. In fact, Sébastien Bear McClard’s wife – with whom she is expecting her first child – has an idol.

Indeed, the pretty, super sexy brunette finds inspiration in the career of Jane Fonda. The 83-year-old actress has always campaigned for women’s rights.


So, Emily Ratajkowski wanted to pay tribute to him in the story of her Instagram account. However, the image speaks more than the words.

So, the mom-to-be shared some old shots of Jane Fonda. These appear to be prison photos. Was she arrested by the police? Looks like yes!

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In any case, you can see the interested party all smiles at the lens. If the police won the battle, they did not win the war. An attitude that Emily Ratajkowski really likes.

So the bomb promises to follow in his footsteps. She agrees to take over, as much as necessary. Besides, her fans may well follow her on this path. And you what do you think ?


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