Emily Ratajkowski works for her brand, Inamorata!


On her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo where she twisted for the shoot of her brand Inamorata!

On social networks, Emily Ratajkowski very often promotes her brand “Inamorata”. For a few years, the pretty brunette had decided to go out only in swimsuits. But she decided to make it evolve.

For some time now, Emily Ratajkowski has also been selling clothes. And the least we can say is that she is really a hit on the social network. Her fans also seem to be 100% validated.

This Monday, November 9, Emily Ratajkowski posted a brand new photo on her Instagram account. She appeared in a strange position. Indeed, for the Inamorata shoot, she appeared in contortionist mode.

For her look, the future mother also opted for a total military look. As always, she still kept the sexy side. Indeed, she opted for an ultra tight crop top which highlighted her breasts on the social network.


In the caption of her Instagram photo, Emily Ratajkowski also wrote: “11/11. Lined pants and cute sets you can live in. “To translate by” 11/11. Lined pants. And pretty sets you can live in ”.

With her gaze towards the camera, the pretty dancer displayed herself really very sexy on the Web. With her shot, she collected more than 262,000 likes in just one hour from her fans.

In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment her. It must be said that it really won the approval of its subscribers. They can’t wait to see her new clothes.

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It will still take two days to see what the actress has in store for her fans. We can’t wait to hear more about the release of her cute outfits. To be continued!


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