Emily Ratajkowski wears nothing underneath, it’s flesh-colored!


Careless and caught! Emily Ratajkowski wears nothing underneath, it’s flesh-colored! The British took to the street cooler than ever.

It has all happened to us to go to throw the garbage sometime and forget that we are in pajamas. I have come to see the elderly in the summer go out without a shirt and with their underwear to throw the garbage at about 10 at night. As if what was done in the dark was something invisible. With the moonlight they felt the option to do what they wanted.


Celebrities have also had many of these oversights. But more for the good work of the paparazzi than for having left without realizing that they did not carry what was necessary to spend the night. It has happened to Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Shakira, Becky G. All these photos delight fans and set the internet on fire.

Maybe that’s why Emily Ratajkowski has dared to go outside practically as God brought her into the world. And is that the British has no modesty or fear in teaching her body whenever she can. And the truth is that with such a body little can be said and little shame has to have one to teach its virtues.

The model continues to work and continues to prepare her career as an actress. It is not surprising that a ball in a movie shortly. And it is that talent and desire to work never lack it.


We could see her going to a meeting. With a very short skirt and a jacket. All flesh-colored that confuses if you see it from afar. And also under the jacket does not carry anything. Neither a shirt nor underwear. Neglect or provocation? She leaves nothing to chance. Surely something plans in your head. But so far it has taken thousands of likes. It is not for less.

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