Emily Ratajkowski wakes up: she unveils herself on Instagram!


Emily Ratajkowski again unanimously on her Instagram account. As usual she posted a new picture of her. But this time it is quite natural that the star has unveiled. Even his head on waking seduced his fans. And U.S. too !

For years, Emily Ratajkowski has been one of the most influential people in Instagram. Each of his posts is a small event that his fans are looking forward to. The influencer multiplies each day selfies or shootings. And each time, his photos are greeted with great success.

Lately, the model created the sensation by posing topless. She did reveal a picture of her while she was tanning on the beach. And this simply dressed in a shirtless bottom bra. A simple leopard bob covered his generous bosom!

But this November 11th, it is a completely different picture that Emily Ratajkowski posted on her account. The latter is very natural, since he was caught jumping out of bed. The young woman appears there without artifice. And even without make-up she is amazing. And his fans can only validate!

We discover Emily Ratajkowski sitting on her unmade bed. Dressed in a duck-blue sportswear set by Inamorata, Em is a long way from the red carpet. But even in cocoon mode, she is very sexy. And beautiful as usual. The disheveled hair she sets the goal. A photo that appeals for its spontaneity and intimacy.

The fans of Emily Ratajkowski have indeed loved! They did not hesitate to compliment her in the comments. To tell him how pretty she was. They are in total almost 900 000 to have liked his picture in less than 24 hours!



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