Emily Ratajkowski urges her fans in Georgia to vote!


Emily Ratajkowski is mobilizing one last time for the American election! Votes in Georgia could indeed change everything …

Emily Ratajkowski asks her fans for more help! While supporting Joe Biden throughout the campaign in the US ,. But she is still waiting for a last effort… to go and vote in Georgia!

Because the whole country has its eyes riveted on this state. It can indeed tip over the entire Senate! Whereas the Democrats have not won there since… 1992. Bill Clinton was then at the head of the USA!

It is therefore necessary a victory for his camp during these partial legislative elections so that Joe Biden can have presided over without having his hands tied… Emily Ratajkowski therefore urges her fans to go to the polls.

Indeed, the Senate has a very powerful role in the United States. If Donald Trump’s side wins, he could block Joe Biden’s side from action. And therefore prevent him from presiding as he wants.

The ballot is therefore of crucial importance. And Emily Ratajkowski knows it. She therefore hopes that the mobilization that allowed Joe Biden to beat Donald Trump will also help the Democrats in Georgia.


Especially since Donald Trump has dug his own grave in recent days. The Washington Post thus reveals a recording of the president. As he threatens senior officials …

He wanted to be “found 11,780 votes” to win the state. And so, the election. He thus tries to defraud. What does not really like in the USA… And which also encourages Emily Ratajkowski to push to get the president out.

He too is in Georgia. He gave a final speech. He also refuses to accept his defeat in the November election … And also continues to cry fraud.

A more than tense situation that could calm down a bit. According to the results of the election in Georgia. Like last time, the results may take time … But Emily Ratajkowski believes it!


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