Emily Ratajkowski toujours aussi charming meme le matin !


Very close to her virtual community, Emily Ratajkowski is very active on her Instagram account. She publishes new pictures of her every day, always as sexy. And even in the morning!

It’s no longer a secret! Emily Ratajkowski is one of the sexiest models in the World! It was not for nothing that she was noticed in the clip for “Blurred Lines”.

You don’t remember? But if ! She was rubbing shoulders with singer Robin Thicke in mini-shorts and belly dancing. Then she looks at the camera with pretty looks. In short, she is super sexy!

Besides, the young woman regrets her appearance in this clip. According to her, this video “spoils her life”. She hates how she dances and how men have looked at her ever since!

So, Emily Ratajkowski wants to break this image of a doll woman. On Instagram, she then reveals her political and feminist commitments. But sometimes she posts selfies. And we love it!

At the moment, the young woman must also remain confined to her home because of the Covid-19! So, Emily Ratajkowski, true to herself, remains very close to her fans on Instagram.

To keep her days busy, the American model offers her 25.7 million subscribers a question and answer session. Or, she simply takes a photo. No matter the time!

This time, the 28-year-old actress poses while she is still in bed. Besides, you have to believe that she spends the day under her duvet! The proof in the legend of its publication!

“Take my coffee, zoomed in with the @inamoratawoman team, zoomed in with the family, eat a tuna sandwich, make up, read. Yes, I do almost everything from my bed “writes Emily Ratajkowski.

Besides, this is not the first time that the latter appears super sexy in the morning! A few days ago, her darling Sebastian Bear-McClard woke her up, completely topless.


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