Emily Ratajkowski: Top 15 of pregnancy outfits!


Emily Ratajkowski announced her pregnancy to the world last October. Small list of her most beautiful maternity outfits.

A true high priestess of fashion, Emily Ratajkowski is always very stylish. For her, being pregnant is a new opportunity to take her best pregnancy looks out of her closet.

The American top makes the entire web fantasize. Since the announcement of her pregnancy last October, Em Rata is therefore sexier than ever. Eager to share the progress of her pregnancy with her community, the young woman has continued to build her round belly.

The young woman is regularly the target of paparazzi. She does not hesitate to repost photos taken by them in the streets of New York or Los Angeles.

In an interview with fashion magazine Vogue Uk, stylist Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Morrison was full of praise for the look of the mom-to-be.

“Emily is amazing. She’s funny, fun. And it is very experimental, ”confided the stylist. The magazine highlighted the 15 most beautiful outfits worn by the American top.

And it is clear that the model with the perfect body has proven that you can be pregnant and sexy. The young woman who now has 27.1 million followers may therefore blush.

Amber Vallerta, marketing director of the British version of Vogue recently confided that Emily Ratajkowski has a keen sense of fashion. And she was right about it.


The young woman decided to spend her entire pregnancy not in her New York apartment, but in Los Angeles. The model recently posed with her baby bump as she took to the streets of the Big Apple.

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Pregnant or not pregnant, Em Rata makes a point of wearing jeans. And despite her pregnancy pounds, the young woman does not hesitate to wear a denim jacket and boyfriend jeans.

Basic fan, Emily Ratajkowski has often opted for a total black look. To do this, the top wears a large suit jacket, as well as large black pants of the same color.

The top posts regularly photos that she snatched from the paparazzi in the streets of Los Angeles. “Here is my outfit of the day. Thanks to the photographers “she laughed at the end of the year.

Timothée Chalamet’s girlfriend may well be pregnant, so she loves to show off her plump belly. Vogue magazine therefore put in the top 15 a photo of the model in a black bikini on a Yacht. Eh yes.

The other pictures are much more wintery. Emily Ratajkowski therefore appears strolling through the streets of New York in a big furry puffer jacket.

In another photo, Em Rata therefore appears slumped in a luxurious sofa. The young woman opted for an apple green one-piece. To bring out her beautiful apparent baby bump.


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