Emily Ratajkowski teases her dog Colombo


In the story of her Instagram account, the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski laughed at the facial expression of her dog, Colombo.

Colombo stop! Model Emily Ratajkowski has released a new photo of her dog. With the drawn features of the face, he seems to face the mother-to-be.

Emily Ratajkowski can’t help herself. More than gaga of her dog, who responds to the name of Colombo, the pretty brunette keeps taking pictures of him.

And as proof, the one who is about to have her first child has just posted it in the story of her Instagram account. This time, however, the young woman did not highlight it.

So, Sébastien Bear Mc-Clard’s wife showed off her fur ball as she dozed off. Slumped on the floor, Colombo rested his head against the back of the sofa.

With the colors of her dress and her posture, you might think her pooch is sulking. That’s why Emily Ratajkowski commented: “Iconic Colombo”.

Still, her four-legged best friend is no less adorable. How not to crack by looking at her pretty jitters? One wonders well.


One thing is for sure, the pretty brunette revealed in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video coaxes him with a lot of love. She takes care of him like he is her baby!

After all, Emily Ratajkowski needs to train well before her sweet little one arrives. In fact, the birth could be imminent.

So, will the supermodel announce it on social media the same day? Not so sure ! The young woman might well want to enjoy her little one before exposing it on the canvas.

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In any case, Emily Ratajkowski has already announced the color. Her child will not be a girl or a boy. And for good reason, she wants to let him choose his gender. And you what do you think ?


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