Emily Ratajkowski superb in total white look: she poses with her darling!


Emily Ratajkowski is “in love” with her darling Sebastien Bear-McClard. In the story of her Insta account, she revealed a snapshot of their duo.

Emily Ratajkowski is a woman in love! In the story of her Instagram account, she shared a photo of herself and her darling Sebastien Bear-McClard.

Like many, Emily Ratajkowski is about to celebrate the New Year with great pomp! The year 2019 was also full of projects for the pretty brunette. The young woman has also released lots of lingerie and swimwear models with her brand Inamorata. To advertise it, the top did not hesitate to pose with a few pieces from their collection on their social networks.

Sexy as usual, Emily Ratajkowski often set fire to Instagram. In addition to all this, the model also unveiled a collection of jewelry. Not too long ago, she appeared topless to advertise a pretty pair of earrings. And in the comments thread, his subscribers were all won over by his nice shot!

In the city, Emily Ratajkowski is not a heart to take. Indeed, she shares the life of Sebastien Bear-McClard. And between the lovebirds, everything rolls. The latter is always there for her. Her husband supports her when she embarks on multiple projects. It is often he who immortalizes him on his social networks. And when it comes to talking about her other half, beautiful Emily is full of praise for her.

Meanwhile, Emily Ratajkowski has released a new photo of herself and her other half in her Instagram story. On the photo in question, the model displays a trendy look. Faced with the objective, the couple is also very complicit. In the meantime, it’s a safe bet that the lovebirds will celebrate as it should on the 31st!