Emily Ratajkowski splendid: this white bodysuit that suits her perfectly! (PHOTO)


Emily Ratajkowski sells dreams. On Instagram, she seduces her fans again with a photo of her in a white bodysuit that will delight her.

There is nothing to say, Emily Ratajkowski is a dream . This morning, the star with 25k subscribers on Instagram had posted a photo of her in a leopard swimsuit . This afternoon, she regales her fans again with a snapshot of her in a bodysuit, in black and white.

Doe look, slim waist and dreamy measurements, Em Rata has not finished distracting his fans. After posing in a leopard bikini, the brunette seduces her followers with a photo of her face cam in white bodysuit . It must be said, it fits him like a glove and gives him a wise look.

No legend except the shooting star emoji. After all, she doesn’t need to do more. Emily Ratajkowski has already collected 200 k likes with her photo in white bodysuit. It must be said that this is a phenomenon. In fact, as soon as a photo of her appears on her account, the Web panics and comments rain.


Emily Ratajkowski has therefore got into the habit of dazzling her with her naked shots. However, this time, she bet on sobriety with a very vintage black and white photo. We know that white suits him so well. We had already seen her pose in total white look at the end of last year . Her outfit paid homage to her slim waist. Once again, Em Rata proves to us that white suits him perfectly.

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Whether in a mini-bikini or bodysuit, Emily Ratajkowski delights . The fans are delighted, and they prove it in the comments: “Te amo”; ” You’re cute ” ; “Beautiful, as always Emily”; “I cry” … Even if some of them could be jealous. Yes, the beautiful brunette is in a relationship. Besides, she is not ready to drop him. Indeed, she is celebrating her two years of relationship with her husband today .


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