Emily Ratajkowski too skinny? Her ribs revealed on this photo in lingerie!


Emily Ratajkowski loves to show off in small clothes on the Web! She also shared a nice photo of herself on her Instagram account. The top also highlights its small flat stomach.

On the Web, Emily Ratajkowski is a real star! More than 24 million people follow his daily life on Instagram. Men and women unanimously underline her incredible beauty. For several years, the pretty brunette has also been the darling of the media. She is talked about a lot with her explosive personality and her sex appeal. The young woman has always assumed her femininity.

Very comfortable with her body, Emily Ratajkowski likes to reveal herself from every angle on the Web! This summer, she had made the buzz with very enticing pictures. The young woman then exploded topless or in a bikini. With her dreamy curves and doe eyes, the supermodel has always had a crowd of admirers. And we understand!

Emily Ratajkowski is acclaimed in the modeling world. She also collaborates with the biggest brands in the world. With her pretty face and her dream plastic, the young woman is all the rage in the media. Every photo she posts on the Internet is buzzing! The pretty brunette is also mastering her social networks.

A few hours ago, Emily Ratajkowski was talked about again on Instagram. The reason ? The top posed in lingerie. Even without makeup, the young woman is stunning. In the comments thread, its subscribers massively underline its beauty. “The Queen”, can we read under her picture or even: “Woow, are you human?” “. But others have pointed out his thinness. For once, the beautiful Emily has divided her subscribers! Case to follow…


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