Emily Ratajkowski shows off in a sexy, retro little dress!


This Wednesday, September 2, Emily Ratajkowski posted several photos on her Instagram account that did not fail to cause a sensation. Indeed, she showed off with a sublime dress that showed off her gorgeous body.

At first, Emily Ratajkowski opted for a white dress with large black polka dots. And the least we can say is that she surprised her fans. Indeed, she showed herself very wise with this outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski showed off more colorful dresses for the start of the school year. The latter, ultra tight, have also highlighted its forms. One thing is certain, it has also been unanimous among its fans.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, the pretty brunette also confided to her fans: “ALL NEW Inamorata Woman! I have been working on this collection for so long. And I’m so excited you can all wear it FINALLY ”.


Emily Ratajkowski also added, “Silky dresses and tops you will live in. Available now. Bio link! “. With her shot, she actually collected over 239,000 likes in just two hours from her fans.

In the comments, the latter did not fail to compliment the young woman. But that’s not all. Many have said they look forward to purchasing his new collection.

It must be said that before, the dancer used to work on swimsuits. Now, she wanted to extend her collection to clothes. It may well be that the latter is a real hit for its release.

In the meantime, the young woman continues to make her fans wait by unveiling part of her collection. Of course, she always added her sexy side to her clothes. It remains to be seen whether stars will sublimate his clothes. To be continued!

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