Emily Ratajkowski shows off her breast in mini bikini on!


Once again, the very sexy Emily Ratajkowski reveals incendiary pictures … In the story, she shows us her beautiful pumpkin in a bikini.

Emily Ratajkowski is driving us all crazy! Indeed, the sublime it girl is not idle, despite her pregnancy. On her last story, she therefore reveals her chest to us, pressed against her high-cut bikini.

Emily Ratajkowski likes very tight sets, in short … Yes, the young woman connects the shots all crazier than each other.

In a bodysuit, mini-shorts, ultra-tight dress, Eve outfit and even a down jacket … Each time, it was a huge hit on social media.

A real pleasure for the eyes once again reiterated on its platform. The boss of Inamorata pulled out one of her best bikinis.

A tiny bikini in short, which highlights her well rounded belly but also her beautiful breasts. She is beautiful, as usual, in itself.

Emily Ratajkowski is therefore never the last to titillate us on social media. Proof of this is that she is very complicit with her community, as evidenced by this shot.


Yes, in this photo of her posing in a bikini, Emily Ratajkowski gives the camera a nice wink. Wink accompanied by a more than touching smile.

Recently, she no longer hides her baby bump and therefore displays her well rounded belly without the slightest discomfort. It must be said that the pregnancy suits him so well!

In fact, Emily Ratajkowski recently revealed that she does not want to know the sex of her child before the age of 18. Age when he or she will be able to identify as a male, female or non-binary person.

A rather militant and benevolent gesture for the future of this unborn child. While waiting to see him born, the future mother shares her daily life on Instagram, for our greatest pleasure!