Emily Ratajkowski showcases her leopard bikini!


On Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski appeared in an ultra sexy leopard bikini. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!

Emily Ratajkowski appeared in a stunning, sexy leopard bikini on Instagram.

Emily Ratajkowski has a life on the run!

Indeed, Emrata is one of the most popular models around. And for good reason, the pretty brunette is a real bomb! So inevitably, stylists around the world hope to make her wear one of their creations. Luck !

But in addition to being a top model, Emily Ratajkowski is also a true business woman. Indeed, the young woman owns her brand of swimwear, Inamorata. And guess what: it is a hit! Very cool !

But part of the reason her swimsuit brand works so well is because she poses to show off her bikinis herself. And inevitably, with his physique of madness, his swimsuits leave at an incredible speed!

By the way, speaking of swimsuits, in her Story Insta, Emrata displayed herself in a beautiful leopard bikini.

Shall we show you?


Emily Ratajkowski regularly appears in a bikini on social media.

And for good reason: the pretty brunette owns a brand of swimsuits! What could be more normal then, than to proudly present them on your Insta Feed.

But today, the mom-to-be posted a snapshot of herself in a bikini in her Story.

And for good reason, the young woman is currently carrying out the “post a pic of” challenge.

So she proudly posted in her Insta Story a photo of herself sitting on her towel at the beach. And in this famous shot, she wears a beautiful leopard swimsuit that suits her perfectly.

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It’s simple in this sexy bikini, the model is just gorgeous! We therefore fully validate this superb beach look!


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