Emily Ratajkowski showcases her baby bump in the dress!

Emily Ratajkowski has just started her 8th month of pregnancy! The bombshell took the opportunity to show her huge baby bump to her fans!

Emily Ratajkowski has again amazed her fans on Instagram! Indeed, the star unveiled her baby bump at 8 months of pregnancy. And that’s pretty impressive! We let you discover the photo in the rest of the article!

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski has not hesitated to appear on the web. Indeed, the It-girl loves to share her life as a future mother with her fans. She then shows how her belly has changed over the weeks.

The sultry brunette hasn’t lost her good habits either. She continues to wear sexy little outfits, even with her baby bump. And her photos then go around the web!

Mini bikini, tight clothes, sexy lingerie… Emily Ratajkowski is not afraid to flaunt her new forms. On the contrary ! The fashionista is a fan of her new body!

The influencer takes full responsibility for her motherhood. And the latter does everything possible to put her baby bump forward with sexy looks! We love !

Yesterday, Emily Ratajkowski hit really hard! The star decided to display her baby bump at 8 months pregnant. And for that, nothing better than a little ultra tight dress!

The fashionista posed in her mirror to show off her pretty shapes. The mom-to-be wears a neon orange dress that perfectly hugs her huge belly. We love !


Emily Ratajkowski flaunts herself and poses in profile, holding her huge belly. Despite her pregnancy, the top still displays a fresh and luminous complexion. Unbelievable !

Internet users were therefore blown away by this cliché. It must be said that the top is still hot, even a few weeks before giving birth. And this pretty dress looks great on her!

The young woman has therefore received hundreds of compliments from her admirers. What motivate her to share her pregnancy photos on the web!

However, Emily Ratajkowski is not always unanimous with her Instagram photos. Indeed, the star has already received many attacks about her pregnancy.

Some critics blame the star for having injected while pregnant. Others find that the bombshell posts far too many pictures of her baby bump.

This Sunday, the young woman therefore decided to respond to all the prejudices about her new body. The latter therefore reminded her haters that she was fully embracing her new curves.

The message is therefore clear! Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of her new silhouette! And the latter does not intend to hide her body as a future mother!

The It-girl is still likely to share many sexy photos with her baby bump!



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