Emily Ratajkowski shocked by Capitol police on Instagram!


Angry Emily Ratajkowski! The model seems very shocked by the invasion of the Capitol by pro-Trump … She attacks the police.

The American election therefore ends in tears and deaths. While Joe Biden’s camp ended up winning, the pro-Trump invaded the Capitol… Emily Ratajkowski therefore blames the police.

Because everything ended badly yesterday. After the Democrats’ victory in the Georgia election, Biden’s camp indeed won the Senate. He will therefore be able to govern as he wants … But the pro-Trump contest.

It must also be said that Trump did not want to admit that he lost. His supporters therefore followed him to the end … Even if it meant entering the Capitol. But the police did not have the right reaction, according to Emily Ratajkowski.

The top model shares the images of a reporter, Marcus Dipaola. Present in front of the Capitol, he films the entrance of Trump fans … But the police are not doing their job!

On the Insta story, we see that the police are stepping aside to let the fans of Donald Trump pass. In fact, Emily Ratajkowski thus cries out scandalously: “they let them in! ”


In the end, the tone rose, and led the pro-Trump to fight with the police. Police arrested 52 people. Of which 26 in the building. But the violence resulted in several deaths …

Ashli ​​Babbitt, Trump fan from California, even died under police gunfire … Terrible moments that Emily Ratajkowski points to on her social networks.

After the Capitol invasion, fights and deaths, Donald Trump has decided to reconsider his positions. He has thus accepted that his mandate will end … Without even saying the word defeat. But it had to come this far.

After months of battle and words in all directions, Joe Biden will therefore be the next President of the United States. But these battles have caused deaths, much to the grief of Emily Ratajkowski.


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