Emily Ratajkowski: She found out she’s pregnant!


Emily Ratajkowski, a few months pregnant, shared how she found out about her pregnancy. She will remember it all her life!

In her Instagram story, Emily Ratajkowski revealed the day she found out she was pregnant. What amazes its subscribers!

There are days that Emily Ratajkowski will never forget. Like that of her marriage, with Sébastien Bear Mc-Clard.

The election of the new US president, Joe Biden. In recent months, the one known as Emrata has continued to support him.

But also, the one where she learned about her pregnancy. Indeed, the model revealed in the clip “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke will not be able to erase this moment from her memory.

However, Emily Ratajkowski deigned to recount the moment she found out she was pregnant. She just shared a photo of the day she saw it.

Thus, the pretty 29-year-old brunette revealed it in her Instagram story. We can therefore see her, all dressed in pink, pouting.

Maybe she didn’t yet know that a little baby was growing in her womb. In any case, the supermodel didn’t seem very happy this day.

But let her subscribers be reassured: nothing can make the young woman happier. Since learning of her pregnancy, she has never looked so radiant.


To believe it, just take a look at her Instagram story. Indeed, Emily Ratajkowski spends her days thinking about her baby.

Thus, no day passes without the young woman telling her subscribers. Moreover, they too are impatient to meet him.

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In any case, Emily Ratajkowski is in a hurry: to finally give him a hug. But she will still have to arm herself with patience … And for good reason, she still has a few long weeks to go before giving birth.


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