Emily Ratajkowski shares her best memories of 2020!


In Story of her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski shared several photos where she revealed her best moments of the year 2020!

Very active on social networks, Emily Ratajkowski very often reveals her daily life to her fans. And as 2021 approached, she shared her best memories of 2020. She has been dreaming of many.

First, Emily Ratajkowski unveiled a memory of April 13. She displayed herself on her bed, in a very casual outfit. The beautiful opted for a white T-shirt and white jogging.

Emily Ratajkowski posed in front of her iPad. In caption, she also wrote: “I write and I work a lot from my bed”. Throughout the year, she actually worked hard on her essay.

The young woman had also confided on Instagram: “Sensational. Wow ! My essay, Buying Myself Back, is New York Magazine’s most read story of 2020 (in print and its six digital sites)! “.

She also added, “Thanks to each of you who read it. If you haven’t had a chance, the link is in my bio. I am honored. And I have to say that this could be the highlight of my year ”.


It is impossible to talk about the year 2020 without talking about confinement because of Covid-19. Emily Ratajkowski therefore shared a cheerful photo from last May, where she displayed herself with her dog and her friend.

With a bottle of champagne in hand, the mother-to-be posed with her most beautiful smile. In the caption of her photo, she also wrote: “I lived with our friends. And I found ways to make life in confinement fun. ”

For her other memory, the model also unveiled a photo where she appeared with a transparent pink blouse that showed her black bra. And this shot is important to her.

The reason ? An hour after taking it, it was there that she realized she was pregnant. In 2021, she will welcome her 1st baby!


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