Emily Ratajkowski reveals her huge baby bump in a bikini!


Emily Ratajkowski is on cloud nine! On the Web, the future mother has immortalized her baby bump to the delight of her fans.

Emily Ratajkowski has just wowed her subscribers. The cause ?! On Instagram, the star shared a new video that highlights her amazing baby bump. You will see, the star is also resplendent.

More and more of you are following Emily Ratajkowski’s daily life on her social networks! Last I heard, all is well for her.

The model continues to have perfect love with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. The ultra fusional couple likes to display their happiness on the Web to the delight of Internet users!

And in a few months, they will also welcome their first child. To this day, no one knows the gender of their unborn baby.

But what we do know is that the lovebirds want to instill a gender-neutral education in her. In October 2020 for “Vogue”, the star had also delivered without filter on this subject.

“When my husband and I told friends I was pregnant, their first question after ‘Congratulations’ was almost always ‘Do you know what you want?’ “, Confided the incendiary brunette.

But also: “We like to answer them that we will not know the sex of our child before his 18th birthday”. Being very close to her followers, Emily Ratajkowski loves to immortalize her baby bump on Instagram.

In all of her pictures, the businesswoman is always very radiant. This Monday, January 18, the star hypnotized her community with a brand new post.

Obviously, the young woman and her husband have left the crowds of New York to relax in the sun. The proof in pictures!


On a pretty beach, Emily Ratajkowski therefore posed with an alluring bikini that suited her perfectly. As usual, the young woman seemed very happy.

In front of the camera, the star also proudly exposed her well rounded belly. Unsurprisingly in just a few hours, his shot also garnered more than 5 million likes.

And in the comments thread, compliments have come from all sides. “OMG. You are sublime. And your belly has grown a lot ”, we can read on Instagram.

But also: “Hypnotic. Enjoy ! And when is the baby due ?! “. According to some tabloids, Emily Ratajkowski could well give birth in spring 2021.

On social networks, the bets are already on! On a daily basis, the incendiary brunette seems to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy.

“Instead of being scared, I get a new sense of peace. I’m already learning from that person on the inside, “the star also stressed during her interview for” Vogue. “


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