Emily Ratajkowski reveals her baby bump naked in her bed!


Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of her new forms! The star has yet revealed her rounded belly by posing naked in her bed! We show you …

Emily Ratajkowski has raised the temperature again on Instagram! The star took advantage of her Sunday afternoon to take her very sexy photos in her bed! And surprise! The bomb even posed completely naked to show off her belly!

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski has continued to create a buzz on the web. Indeed, the star surprised the entire planet by revealing her rounded belly in Vogue.

Today, the it girl is no longer hiding! On the contrary, the sulphurous brunette multiplies the shootings to show her baby bump in the media. And the least we can say is that she doesn’t do things by halves!

The mom-to-be loves to pose nude to showcase her new body. And not a day goes by that she doesn’t set the web ablaze with her pretty photos.

Yesterday, Emily Ratajkowski hit hard! She posed in bed while taking a nap. And as always, the bomb titillated her fans by revealing her naked body.


The top photographed her big belly in the foreground. The latter does not wear any underwear and is then revealed completely naked.

Emily Ratajkowski takes care to hide her privacy with a small piece of her quilt. And the result is ultra sensual!

Internet users could not resist discovering this sexy story. It must be said that the star knows how to raise the temperature while leaving room for their imagination!

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The future mother also impressed the web with her baby bump. Indeed, her belly rounds over the days and becomes more and more imposing.

No doubt, Emily Ratajkowski is not done wowing us all with her pregnancy photos!


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