Emily Ratajkowski reveals her dream body in mini thong


Emily Ratajkowski has set the canvas on fire again! The bomb took the pose in an ultra black thong. What drive its subscribers crazy!

Emily Ratajkowski continues to provoke internet users with her shots ! This time, the star decided to display her dream body by posing in lingerie . And the result is scorching! We let you discover…

A photo that does not go unnoticed!
Emily Ratajkowski is a real phenomenon on Instagram . Indeed, not a day goes by without the bomb being talked about. It must be said that it is not cold in the eyes ! And she never hesitates to display her dream plastic in photos . The star then knows a dazzling success for years. And Internet users do not seem to tire of the young woman!

Today, Emily Ratajkowski has set the canvas on fire again! She posed in the bathroom of a hotel. We can see it with a black thong . The sulphurous brunette shows us her perfect body. She then reveals her flat stomach and camber . It did not take more to shake Internet users!


Over a million Internet users succumb to the charm of Emily Ratajkowski. It must be said that the young woman is hot ! With its sulky pout and seductive pose , the bombshell knows how to tickle its fans. And the latter do not hesitate to compliment her. “Too beautiful “, “Always as sexy” , “A perfect body” , “I have no words” can we read in the comments. No doubt: Emily always has a little effect !

The pretty brunette is used to sharing pictures with her fans. She also uses her image to promote her own products . Indeed, Emily Ratajkowski is at the head of a lingerie brand . She then wears her creations in most of her photos. Like what, the bomb understood everything!


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