Emily Ratajkowski revealed her baby bump in a bikini!


In the feed of her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski once again reveals her baby bump. In a mini bikini, she is super sexy.

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski has revealed dozens of photos. Her baby bump, the model doesn’t stop showing it!

Emily Ratajkowski was careful not to hide her pregnancy. Indeed, the pretty brunette preferred to wait for the opportune moment before revealing it for all to see.

It must be said that the model preferred to keep this secret for her, and her family. After all, her fans can relate to her: for some women motherhood can be very intimate.

Thus, it was through a shoot for Vogue magazine that the young woman dropped the veil on October 26.

Pictures that Emily Ratajkowski couldn’t help but share on her Instagram account. She was so proud of it.

So, it was in a pretty orange dress that Sébastien Bear Mc-Clard’s wife put her (tiny) baby bump forward.

And in the caption of the post, the main interested party wondered: “Who will this person be? What kind of person will we become parents? ”

“How will they change our life and who we are? »Read my essay on pregnancy and gender at @voguemagazine. Thank you for all the good wishes, ”she wrote.

So since that announcement, the one that was revealed in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video hasn’t stopped. Pictures of her baby bump, she reveals dozens!


Indeed, Emily Ratajkowski loves to show off her belly, which is getting bigger every day. Thus, all occasions are good to put it forward.

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You only have to take a look at her Instagram account to believe it. Since becoming pregnant, the young woman bombards her subscribers with new pictures.

That’s not all ! Emily Ratajkowski has also embarked on a new collection of bikinis for pregnant women. So she promoted in one of them… super sexy.

“Not just for swimming, but also for wearing lined pants and matching t-shirts to stay cool the rest of the year in town and on the beach,” she said.


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