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Emily Ratajkowski returns to New York: she opts for a very comfortable winter look!


The beautiful Emily Ratajkowski has abandoned her elegant suits for a sporty look. And yes ! The young model adapts to winter temperatures!

Just a week ago, Emily Ratajkowski still appeared in a bikini on social networks. But the time of the beach is well and truly over! Indeed, the young woman left the Maldives where she basked with her darling, to reach New York. A radical change since the big apple displays 4 degrees … And for the occasion, the beautiful has adopted a look of circumstance! A comfort style and hot!

Far from sexy outfits, Emily Ratajkowski surprised her fans. It is in total jogging look she posted on his account insta! A blue ensemble surmounted by a black leather coat, Matrix version under the snow, and a burgundy cap! So that’s how Emily took the break yesterday afternoon … With a little hot coffee to warm up!

A look far from what the model could get used to. But she is still very pretty! Although this last post was able to surprise more than one, the fans were delighted to see their favorite star adopt a “normal” outfit on the networks. The pretty young woman added a comment announcing that the winter mode was activated! A bit like us by the way! And for even more in the festive atmosphere of this time of the year, Emily Ratajkowski poses next to Christmas tree!

The star was she mop to choose his tree? Anyway, this unique post has generated nearly 480,000 likes! And more than 880 comments! “Another Beautiful Emily”; “This beauty” or “I’m obsessed with your look”! So many post who hailed the beauty of Emily Ratajkowski!




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