Emily Ratajkowski: Resemblance to her mother!


Emily Ratajkowski looks a lot like her mom. Yes, the resemblance is crazy! Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!

The resemblance between Emily Ratajkowski and her mom is just crazy!

Emily Ratajkowski has a life at two hundred dollars an hour!

Indeed, Emrata is one of the most popular models around. And for good reason, the pretty brunette is a real bomb! So inevitably, stylists around the world hope to make her wear one of their creations. Luck !

But in addition to being an accomplished model, Emily Ratajkowski is also a true business woman. Indeed, the young woman has her brand of swimwear, Inamorata, which is a huge hit! Very cool !

And part of the reason her swimsuit brand works so well is because she poses to show off her bikinis herself. And inevitably, with his dream physique, his swimsuits go like hot cakes.

Besides, guess what, we found out who Emrata got her perfect physique from: her mom!

Yes, Emily Ratajkowski’s mom is hot, and so is her daughter.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


Emily Ratajkowski is a real bomb.

Indeed, the pretty brunette has a dream body, even during her pregnancy!

In short, she is just perfect.

And guess what: this dream physique, she owes it to her mom.

Indeed, on Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski carried out the challenge “Post a pic of…” and therefore shared a photo of her mother.

And frankly, Emrata’s mother looks like two drops of water! It’s simple, they could be real twins!

We, in any case, we find them both cannons! Yes, we are a fan!

In fact, we hope to see more pictures of this top duo during the year 2021!


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