Emily Ratajkowski pulling out her baby bump!


Emily Ratajkowski is definitely no longer afraid to show off! The mother-to-be once again shared a photo of her baby bump. And it’s hot!

Emily Ratajkowski has cracked her fans again on Instagram! The star took advantage of a trip to the desert to improvise a small shoot. She then unveils her pretty baby bump in a dream setting. We show you …

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski has never stopped talking about her. Indeed, the sulphurous brunette publishes many photos with her rounded belly! And the least we can say is that she doesn’t do things by halves!

The it girl is a fan of her new body! So she doesn’t hesitate to show herself half-naked to show off her new forms! We love !

Even pregnant, Emily Ratajkowski thus multiplies the sexy shootings. The top even played the role of models for her new Inamorata fashion campaign. Unbelievable !

Internet users have therefore become addicted to the photos of the star. And the latter are obviously not at the end of their surprises!

Indeed, Emily Ratajkowski has shared new photos of herself on Instagram. And this time, the top is staged in a breathtaking landscape!


Emily Ratajkowski has taken a romantic getaway in the desert. The star and her darling therefore stayed in a superb luxury hotel lost in the middle of nature.

The sulphurous brunette has unveiled some souvenir photos on Instagram. And surprise! The latter is displayed again with an ultra sexy look to ride her baby bump!

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The fashionista wears a low waist baggy and an ultra tight crop top. She lets out her belly and poses proudly in profile.

The young woman is more radiant than ever in the images. And her fans quickly fell under her spell. Like what, the pregnancy succeeds him wonderfully!


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