Emily Ratajkowski proves to everyone that she eats a lot!


Emily Ratajkowski announced her pregnancy recently. The star eats a lot during her pregnancy and lets go! Emily Ratajkowski is several months pregnant. The star has no complexes and is happy to eat whatever she wants.

Emily Ratajkowski has been in a relationship for a few years with Sebastian Bear McClard. Everything went very quickly between them as the star got married in 2018 in great secrecy in New York. They had only been together for a few months.

However, the star is still with her darling and spins the perfect love. She remains very discreet about her story, but sometimes shares beautiful photos of her couple. In fact, several days ago, she made a nice announcement to her fans.

Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant with her first child and is looking forward to becoming a mother soon. Since the announcement of her pregnancy, the star has never stopped showing off her baby bump and even poses sexy! She has no complexes and seems to feel very good about her body.

In fact, the 27-year-old model no longer seems to pay attention to her figure. She eats whatever she wants, even if it means choosing three different dishes!


Emily Ratajkowski is often singled out for her thinness. Some internet users have criticized her a lot and even think she is anorexic. Nevertheless, the star has silenced all rumors for several days.

Since she became pregnant, the young woman eats a lot and reveals her meals to the fans. So, Saturday, November 14, the star ate three of her favorite dishes. She didn’t want to choose and so enjoyed herself. “Paradise”, she wrote on the photo.

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So the starlet ate three pasta dishes that she still had to share with her sweetheart. In any case, she does not deprive herself during her pregnancy and seems happier than ever.

Even pregnant, Emily Ratajkowski continues to ignite the web. Indeed, she continues to pose in a bikini and highlights her dream body. Finally, she finds that pregnancy brings her some small benefits, because she has grown buttocks and is looking forward to it!


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