Emily Ratajkowski proves that you can be super sexy and a good cook!

On her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski posted a photo where she proved to her fans that she can be sexy and a good cook!

On social media, Emily Ratajkowski looks sexier than ever. The beautiful brunette never hesitates to stage herself to the delight of her fans. From time to time, she shows up with very hot outfits.

But that’s not all. Very often, Emily Ratajkowski appears with her “Inamorata Swim” swimwear. And the least we can say is that she knows how to raise the temperature on the Web.

Emily Ratajkowski also often strikes a completely naked pose. She appears topless or completely naked and always takes care to hide her private parts. Once, she was displayed alongside her sweetheart.

With her arms, her husband hid behind his private parts. And the least we can say is that he clearly made him jealous. Many men would have liked to be in his place.


If Emily Ratajkowski is a very sexy woman, she is not only that. The mannequin is also a very good cook. This Wednesday, May 27, she posted photos in Story from her Instagram account.

The young woman shared a snapshot of a dinner she made with friends. On the table, her fans could see that she had cooked like a queen. And the least we can say is that everything seemed appetizing.

The one who still eats very healthy has also opted for a small salad. But that’s not all. She prepared some sandwiches and a sauce as an accompaniment.

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Very proud of her little meal, it is only natural that she posted it to her fans on social networks. The latter did not fail to congratulate her.

It must be said that she also impressed everyone. Her friends and her husband are also very lucky!

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