Emily Ratajkowski posts a forgotten charming photo to her fans on Instagram


Emily Ratajkowski posts a forgotten charming photo to her fans on Instagram. Emily Ratajkowski was all the rage again on Instagram. The cause ? She made the heads of her fans turn with an ultra attractive shot!

Emily Ratajkowski again agreed to everyone on Instagram. The star also made her fans crazy with an old photo “muy caliente” . Right now, Emily Ratajkowski is on all fronts. Also confined to her home to fight against the Covid-19 , the young woman therefore has no shortage of ideas to keep busy.

Already, the pretty brunette is not alone. She makes her confinement with her man Sebastien Bear-McCalard. Inseparable from each other, everything rolls for them! AND when it comes to talking about your other half, the incendiary brunette never stops praising her.

A few hours ago, Emily Ratajkowski made a nice statement to her via Insta. The young woman is in love and she also likes to let people know. For several days, the pretty brunette is also having fun with TikTok . And her fans are always there so as not to miss her choreographies.


For several years, Emily Ratajkowski has been in the spotlight. She is also brilliantly illustrated in the world of modeling.

It is not very surprising with its pretty face and its wasp size . As a reminder, the pretty brunette made the buzz by appearing in the clip “Blurred Lines”.

Since then, the star has become the object of fantasy of many people. In any case, Emily Ratajkowski has always assumed her attractive appeal.

And a few hours ago, the young woman then wanted to please her fans. Via her Instagram account, the incendiary brunette revealed an old photo of her. As usual, the young woman is stunning . Facing the camera, she also poses with a very enticing little ensemble.

“I had completely forgotten this photo of me in my old loft at DTLA” , captioned the star in her post. Many internet users have also liked her sublime photo. And to see the thread of comments, her old photo will remain in the annals . Well done Emily!