Emily Ratajkowski poses at her hotel middle of the desert


Since disclosing her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski hasn’t stopped dropping her clothes. She always strikes a nude pose!

Once again, Emily Ratajkowski strikes a pose in front of a bay window in her hotel. The future mother poses naked in the middle of the desert!

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a pregnant woman’s body. Emily Ratajkowski knows it, and uses it. Ever since the model revealed her pregnancy to Vogue magazine, she hasn’t stopped showing off her cute, round belly.

Indeed, Sébastien Bear Mc-Clard’s wife never misses an opportunity to reveal her baby bump. It must be said that the pretty 29-year-old brunette is really proud to carry life. And soon to give birth to her first child.

Emily Ratajkowski takes pictures of herself every day. Each shot immortalizes this motherhood that she loves so much. To make the photographs more authentic, the top model always shows herself naked.

This, wherever it is. To believe it, just take a look at the latest story from his Instagram account. The one that was revealed in the clip “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, T.I and Pharrell Williams took the nude pose… in the desert.

You can, indeed, notice huge rocks behind it. However, the mother-to-be did not strike a pose directly in front of the lens. She immortalized the reflection of her shadow in front of a bay window.


Since Emily Ratajkowski is in the desert, the young woman seduces all her subscribers with all kinds of pictures. It’s very simple, we can give her the title of “queen of social networks”.

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Emily Ratajkowski in beige outfit with a bouquet of flowers!

A few days ago, Sébastien Bear Mc-Clard’s wife was posing on a huge bed by the pool. And as usual, the future mother was naked. After all, why dress when you have such a beautiful body?

In his feed, too, are a series of sublime photos. Emily Ratajkowski appears with a straw hat and a very cropped little white top. So this is one more success for her! We let you admire.


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