Emily Ratajkowski politically engaged: she is being lynched by Internet users!


Emily Ratajkowski showed her support for Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic primary, but she was lynched by the boarders.

Emily Ratajkowski commits to politics … But this does not please internet users! Indeed, the top model is lynched on the canvas.

Known for her snapshots on Instagram, there is little Emily Ratajkowski decided to post a new kind of content! Indeed, the young woman shared a video campaign for Bernie Sanders. A candidate for the Democratic primary in the USA. A commitment that has no more to internet users!

Indeed, Internet users do not understand why Emily Ratajkowski exposes her political opinions in this way! So they made it known in the comments of his post! Despite this, Emily continues to support Bernie Sanders! Indeed, she has just published a photo of her wearing a t-shirt supporting the politician! We suggest you see it below!

Emily Ratajkowski’s posts come with a caption message. “Many hard-working people in this country are disillusioned and disconnected from politics. They have the right. For too long. they were not represented or protected by our leaders. Emily declares, before continuing. “I believe @berniesanders is our chance to change that. Statements that people have not really understood.

Indeed, many of them commented on his posts! And the least we can say is that they are not at all in agreement with Emily Ratajkowski. “But just post pictures in bikinis!” “Be beautiful and shut up … that’s all we ask!” »Or:« Ah yeah! She’s a communist! I did not know ! “Emily who does she think she is?” We don’t care about his opinion! We follow this girl just because she is sexy! “Can we read on the social network …

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