Emily Ratajkowski and the photo that avoids Instagram censorship, madness!


If Emily Ratajkowski’s good thing has shown us, she doesn’t shut up. And it doesn’t because it always has something to say. He always has one more word in his mouth and whenever he can give his opinion. And in this world where opinion is so undervalued, it never hurts for someone to say what they really think. Well, many times we believe that by the mere fact of being models, influencers … they and they have nothing to say. We were wrong.

The British has always got wet with what she considers to be just causes. Recognized feminist and lover of all kinds of unfair cause. She always has a word of support or a gesture for what she thinks is not a receipt. And that makes it even bigger, because meaning in this world is getting more complicated and Emily has no problem doing it when necessary.

There has been a case in the United States that has opened many doors that many wanted to keep closed. The Harvey Weinstein case removed Hollywood and put all the women in the world on a war footing. The film producer was accused of abuse by more than thirty women. They claimed that to get the paper or on many occasions to show their power Harvey abuse them. The denunciation of one of them supposed a torrent of more denunciations against the American producer.

This same week it was known that the victims had reached an agreement with him after paying an amount of around 30 million euros. In this way prior payment the producer will avoid having to admit his misconduct. However, two of those women have not signed the contract and Harvey will be tried for it in January.

Emily went to a party, always beautiful, and a message against the producer had been put on her arm. A kind of warning for all men who have been abusing their power against women for years. Here we are Emily puts the voice. But behind them there are millions of women.


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