Emily Ratajkowski on the streets of New York


Another style lesson for Emily Ratajkowski! Yesterday in New York, the star was immortalized with a look that just might inspire you.

Emily Ratajkowski continues to wow her fans with her clothing choices. This Wednesday, January 13, the star was seen in the streets of New York with an ultra trendy outfit that suited her perfectly.

To this day, Emily Ratajkowski is one of the highest paid models around! All the biggest brands want to work with it.

The marketing teams therefore understood that her name and her image were selling. As a reminder, the star entered the world of modeling at a very young age.

At just 14, Emily Ratajkowski signed with Ford Models. Thanks to her looks, the young woman quickly multiplies contracts.

And in 2013, it’s the consecration! The incendiary brunette appears in Robin Thincke’s “Blurred Lines” music video.

Following her figuration, her notoriety quite simply skyrocketed. Since then, everything is rolling for the top model.

But in recent months, Emily Ratajkowski has also decided to ease off! And for good reason, she is pregnant with her 1st child.

The pretty brunette made official the happy news for “Vogue” last October. “I dreamed about you for the first time the other night,” said the star in the short film directed by Léna Dunham.

But also: “We are waiting for you, and we wonder who you will be. »Blooming, Emily Ratajkowski takes full advantage of her pregnancy.

And her happiness is a pleasure to see. This Wednesday, January 13, the future mother also took a little trip in the streets of New York. The proof in pictures!


As you can see, Emily Ratajkowski therefore bet on a comfortable and casual outfit. And you can point out that the young lady does not lack style.

To cope with the cold, the star has opted for a pretty puffer jacket and ultra trendy faded jeans. Being a fan of sneakers, the pretty brunette took the opportunity to unsheathe hers for her little walk.

In this period of pandemic, the model never takes off her mask. This time, she decided to wear one that’s black and solid.

Hoping to go incognito, Emily Ratajkowski did not fail to wear pretty sunglasses. Very quickly spotted by the paparazzi, the future mother nevertheless displayed herself very relaxed.

She didn’t even try to hide her adorable baby bump under her puffer jacket. If some journalists tried to ask her questions about her pregnancy, the star preferred to remain silent.

To this day, no one knows the sex of their unborn baby. For “Vogue”, the incendiary brunette also assured to want to instill a non-gendered education.


“We finally have no idea who – or rather what – is growing in my womb,” Emily Ratajkowski said. “We won’t know the sex until our child is 18 and tells us then. ”

In any case, the sweetheart of Sebastian Bear-McClard is obviously anxious to meet this little being who “grows” in her womb. And her arrival also seems to upset her on all points.

“Who will this person be?” What kind of parents will we become? “, Asked the young woman. “How is she going to change our lives and the people that we are? “. Answer in a few months!


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