Emily Ratajkowski lying in a bikini in the green garden


Emily Ratajkowski is a famous British model who has made her name and image her own brand. Inamorata is your home for bikinis and lingerie. Through Instagram she promoted that her line of swimsuits, under this brand, and satin design is available again.

To promote the “restock” of her product, the 29-year-old model and businesswoman posed in the middle of a green garden with this delicate piece.

Emily Ratajkowski also made headlines recently because she confessed that she had been sexually assaulted in the past.

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SATIN. The Satin Swim collection – restocked online now!

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The news circulated after the businesswoman also told her story through New York magazine. As she explained, her attacker was the photographer Jonathan Leder with whom she has worked on different occasions.

This was Emily’s statement for said medium: “My agent told me to buy a bus ticket from Penn Station to the Catskills where Jonathan Leder would wait for me to pick me up and reimburse me for the travel money.” “The photoshoot was for an art magazine and would take place in Woodstock so I was supposed to spend a night at the photographer’s house.”

This particular session in addition to including lingerie poses, also included full nudity. In part of the session, as she explained herself, she was quite drunk. The moment I dropped my clothes, a part of me dissociated. The industry had instilled in me that I had to always maintain the reputation of being hard-working and tolerant ”. By this time Emily was alone with the photographer.

“I was cold, shivering, and curled up under a blanket. Jonathan and I were on a couch, and I could feel the rough texture of his jeans on my bare legs. ” From then on, everything is “a bit blurred” in her memory, but she remembers perfectly “that her fingers were inside me,” Ratajkowski said.

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