Emily Ratajkowski “likes” Tweets about Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Alleged infidelity after Breakup


Subtle confirmation? Emily Ratajkowski is weighing up the status of her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard after earlier breakup rumors surfaced.

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The 35-year-old model provided an update on the current state of the couple, “liking” several negative messages about her 35-year-old husband on Twitter. One fan tweet read: “I can’t believe this little bitch cheated on Emrata.”

Meanwhile, another post showed excitement about the potential breakup of Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard, stating: “Girls, how we celebrate Emrata’s divorce.” A third subscriber expressed his support for the I Feel Pretty actress, pointing out that she is “finally free” from Bear-McClard.

The activity of a native of the UK in social networks began after she was recently noticed without an engagement ring. Earlier this month, Us Weekly confirmed that the actress and producer of “Disappeared” have parted ways.

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard got married in February 2018, shortly after it became known about her breakup with Jeff Magid. At the time, a Us source reported that the newlyweds were friends before they started dating. “Emily has known Sebastian for many years,” an insider told us in March 2018. — They were all in a group of friends. He wasn’t a stranger.”

Later, the actress defended her relationship with Bear-McClard, saying on the Busy Tonight program in November 2018: “We knew each other a long time ago, and he likes to joke: “Yes, everyone thinks we got married quickly, but you checked me out for two.” years.'”

Timeline of Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard’s relationship

After two years of marriage, Ratajkowski announced that the couple is expecting their first child. In March 2021, their son Sylvester Apollo the Bear was born. On the eve of the baby’s birth, the We Are Your Friends star spoke about the problems associated with her pregnancy.

“This is what a woman does herself, inside her body, regardless of the circumstances,” she wrote for Vogue in October 2020. — Despite the fact that she has a loving partner and many friends who are ready to share the harsh details of her pregnancy, I am ultimately alone with my body in this experience. There is no one to feel it with me — sharp muscle pains in the lower abdomen that arise out of nowhere when I watch a movie, or a painful heaviness in my chest, which now greets me first thing every morning. My husband has no physical symptoms during “our” pregnancy, another reminder of how different the life experience of a woman and a man can be.”

Emily Ratajkowski’s book “My Body”: “Blurred Lines”, bombs and more

Ratajkowski also offered a candid look at her dynamic with Bear-McClard in her book My Body.

“I just got married to my husband when he casually remarks: “There are so many beautiful women in the world.” I freeze when he says that. I know this is a perfectly acceptable and truthful remark, and yet I feel a familiar twisting in my stomach,” she described in detail in a memoir released in November 2021. “He feels the switch; he feels the momentary tension in my body. -“I don’t know,” I answer. I press my face against his chest, ashamed of my reaction. “I don’t know why it hurts me to hear you say that.” I can see that he wants to comfort me, but he is confused. I want him to comfort me too, but I don’t know why I need it. Why do I suddenly feel that he doesn’t love me enough?”


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