Emily Ratajkowski laughs at her friends’ Christmas gifts!


Pretty Emily Ratajkowski unveils her funny Christmas gifts on the networks! We’ll give you more details. Emily Ratajkowski shows off her gifts she received for Christmas!

Who says special year says special Christmas. And to keep the theme going, Emily Ratajkowski’s friends seem to have found the perfect gifts for 2020.

They have indeed opted for gifts as bizarre as this year just passed. The young woman therefore revealed on social networks her funny gifts that she received from her friends.

Emily Ratajkowski publishes a Story on her Instagram account to show us everything. We thus notice two colored candles and in rather original shapes. We also see what appears to be a candle holder.

“Incredible gifts for this year from my best friends” then specifies the young woman on her Story. You have to admit that his friends have a sense of humor!


So, the pretty model opened her Christmas presents. She therefore chose to show them to her many subscribers on social networks!

So we discover the funny gifts that Emily Ratajkowski received from her best friends. You should know that the young woman also received a gift from her dad.

Indeed the latter offered a painting to his daughter. But the gift was more for her unborn baby. Still in Story, we discover a nice painting of 3 dinosaurs in space with cosmonaut helmets.

A funny picture which greatly pleased the young woman. Emily Ratajkowski said it was the best gift she had ever received.

Last October, the pretty model announced her pregnancy well hidden. Since then, she has been showing more and more photos with her adorable baby bump. No baby in sight at the moment. Case to be continued.


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