Emily Ratajkowski: her jealous fans clash heavily with her husband!


On social media, Emily Ratajkowski is unanimous. With the exception of her husband, persona non grata on her Instagram page.

Emily Ratajkowski continues to panic on the web. Indeed, the beautiful brunette ignites with her inflammatory shots.

If she is causing a sensation, the same cannot be said of her husband and boyfriend, Sebastian Bear-McClard. As always, Em Rata seduces its subscribers, with devastating photos on Instagram.

But the same cannot be said of her husband, who is not as successful. We can even say that the comments are rather salty about it. Much to the chagrin of Emily Ratajkowski.

On a photo of the star, Em Rata poses in the arms of his companion. The two of them turn their eyes on the camera, arm in arm.

However, her photo was not as successful as expected. You just have to see the comments left under his Instagram post.

“I can’t stand this guy anymore,” said a follower on Instagram. But that’s not all.

Many tackle Emily Ratajkowski’s husband on his physique. And more particularly her lips which they deem too dry and too fleshy.

“I can’t decide who has the most beautiful lips,” said one of them in a photo of the two lovers. “Her lips are damaged like never, it is clearly she who has the most beautiful,” replied another.

Yet another thinks he “needs a good exfoliant.” Others don’t understand why Emily Ratajkowski is interested in him.

“He is the luckiest man in the world,” said another internet user. Yes, the Instagram star has a lot of followers, but very few validate her choice of husband …

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