Emily Ratajkowski is showing a preview of her apartment!


Emily Ratajkowski has unveiled several images of her very colorful apartment! Intimate photos that her fans must have loved!

Emily Ratajkowski caused a stir on Instagram today! Indeed, the beautiful brunette has unveiled sublime images of her apartment!

Followed by more than 27 million internet users, top model Emily Ratajkowski is also an influencer! Indeed, each of her posts is scrutinized by her fans … While the latter are also inspired by the looks, outfits or inspirations of the latter!

So, this February 21, 2021, the future mother has done a lot by sharing no less than 3 photos of her apartment via her Instagram story! Indeed, the 29-year-old supermodel has unveiled the interior of her haven of peace in the heart of New York!

Thus, on the images in question, we can see that the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of colorful decorations! Pink and red sofa, green carpet, gray table … The one who is about to give life is not afraid to mix colors … And she is quite right!

Indeed, her apartment is very well decorated! So we let you admire one of the pictures that the beautiful Emily posted below! Warning the eyes…

Emily Ratajkowski reveals a preview of her stunning apartment!


As she prepares to give birth, fans of the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski are already nostalgic for her pregnant photos! Indeed, during her pregnancy, the beautiful brunette of 29 years flooded her feed with photos of her baby bump!

The latter indeed wanted to engrave the moments of her first pregnancy, but not only! Emily also wanted to keep a memory of this physical change!

“Sometimes I feel like Winnie the Pooh in human form. Other times, I felt like a fertility goddess with a nice butt. »The beautiful Emily Ratajkoski wrote via her Instagram story! A feeling that many women who have already experienced pregnancy must have understood! ”

“It’s weird to see your body change so much in just a few months. I found a new love for what my body can do. I plan to celebrate it here (Instagram) when I feel like it! »Emily had explained! Reason why the young woman went on photo shoots pregnant!

Pictures that her fans loved to comment on! “Canon Emily Ratajkowski, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman! “” The pregnancy is really going too well on her! “” Pregnant Emily is even more beautiful… How can that be! ”

Could we thus read via the comments of posts of the sublime Emily! One thing is certain, her fans will therefore regret the photos of the pretty brunette’s sublime baby bump!

For now, the mother-to-be is already nostalgic for her pregnancy … even though she has not even given birth yet. “I know that someday I will miss that bump and those kicks,” she said recently.


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