Emily Ratajkowski is hot for her return to the desert!


Emily Ratajkowski is back in the desert! The star of social networks then unveils sublime pictures on Instagram.

Very active on Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski reveals all of her lively daily life. The famous photo model returns to the desert and reveals beautiful photos.

With every appearance on social media, Emily Ratajkowski turns the heads of her millions of fans. And for good reason !

Every day, the very famous blogger then feeds her various accounts with photos, each one more sexy than the other.

With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored. They follow the adventures of their idol en masse, in search of new nuggets.

And yet, there is plenty to do! As a result, Emily Ratajkowski has more than 27 million subscribers on Instagram, her favorite platform.

Yes, you did hear it. And to the delight of the latter, she has just unveiled a new series of unpublished photos!

She makes her fans crack in the desert!


You will understand, Emily Ratajkowski is therefore making her comeback in the desert! For the occasion, the social media star then unveiled new photos.

In her Instagram story, we see her sunbathe naked on a huge bed by the pool. It makes you want !

But that’s not all, Emily Ratajkowski also fed her feed with a series of amazing photos. She appears this time with a straw hat and a very cropped little white top.

Seduced, the fans of the star then reacted en masse on Instagram. So that’s one more box for the mother-to-be! We let you admire.

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