Emily Ratajkowski is gorgeous in a neon yellow gown!


In the feed of her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski appeared in a yellow evening dress as tight as it was sexy.

Bomb alert ! Once again, Emily Ratajkowski raised the temperature on her Instagram account. In a sexy and tight yellow dress, she capsizes the hearts of her subscribers.

Some pregnant women lose their luster. In fact, pregnancy cuts them off from the desire to prepare and feel confident.

However, this is not the case with Emily Ratajkowski. Since the pretty brunette learned of her pregnancy, she continues to shine.

Thus, the wife of Sébastien Bear Mc-Clard has never looked so good as in recent weeks. And for good reason, she loves to reveal her baby bump, bigger and bigger.

So, Emily Ratajkowski always opts for very tight clothes. She will never try to hide the curves of a pregnant woman. Quite the contrary!

In fact, the one that was revealed in Robin Thicke, T.I and Pharrell Williams’s “Blurred Lines” music video doesn’t stop living.

As in the past, the model allows herself to have parties and dinners of all kinds. So for these very special occasions, she always puts out clothes to match.

Like this beautiful yellow dress, as sexy as it is tight, that she just unveiled on Instagram. Emrata, by his nickname, has indeed taken the pose in this room.


So it didn’t take much for Emily Ratajkowski’s followers to fall in love with her beauty. After all, no one could resist him.

Thus, the compliments flow freely in the comments section. “You are the most beautiful future mother,” wrote a young woman.

Another overbid: “Olala the most beautiful of mothers”. Beautiful messages that can only make Emily Ratajkowski smile.

And who can also help her to make her wait before the birth of her child. There are still a few months to go before meeting him …


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