Emily Ratajkowski is excited for her new fashion collection


The beautiful and famous model, Emily Ratajkowski, decided to put herself in position thanks to the great excitement that the launch of her new fashion collection gave her

The famous former Victoria’s Secret model, Emily Ratajkowski, has been living the life she always wanted a little further away from the spotlight, however, while still collaborating with certain brands in the fashion industry.

On this occasion, “Em Rata” put herself in a position that has caught the attention of many, because she is on a sofa and because I am wearing a new clothing line in which she will be participating very soon.

This is how she left all her followers with their mouths open, observing her in this way while she is very excited about the launch of this new clothing collection, which seeks to join with the name of the model to create a new trend in fashion.

So far, the publication managed to reach more than 611 thousand likes in a short time, also accumulating many comments under it, where both women and men compliment her and give her compliments, something that cannot be missing from her profile.

The set is very striking and with an animal print, specifically a zebra print, something that surprised Internet users a lot, as they expected a slightly different proposal and perhaps not so repetitive, since they consider that this print could no longer be considered something new or On trend, however, Emily is very excited to introduce it and surely there will be other pieces that will pass the high standards of users.

Nowadays it seems that the people who are on the internet are the final judges of everything, so they cannot stop giving their opinion on any issue, in this case the Instagramers, despite this the famous girls continue as if nothing and they continue to make their proposals, uploading more and more content to keep their loyal fans spoiled and happy.

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This is the case of the fans of Emily Ratajkowski who know that she is an enterprising, hard-working and above all beautiful girl being one of her favorite girls who continue on social networks, taking advantage of the situation to delight her pupils for a while.

It is worth mentioning that Emily likes to promote the clothes she creates or in which she participates, since there is no better model to pose in her new products than herself, so she always ends up capturing her beauty in conjunction with her products, making your fans crave this kind of content.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the best models in the world, although she no longer participates in fashion shows, she is still one of the best in posing and has repeatedly used her daring to continue to have an audience. It should also be remembered that Emily was the center of criticism, for the way she appeared with her husband, although in the end it was learned that she was at home to set an example and avoid spoils.

During this social distancing, the young woman has been sharing some of her hobbies on her Instagram stories, where she shared that much of her time has been used to do what she normally has not been able to do, such as spending quality time with her family and reading. some other book that I had pending.

Finally, it is important to say that in the publication you can find the link to the official page of the clothing brand with which it has joined, there you could find the way to buy the products if you are interested, although you should check their availability of Shipping.


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