Emily Ratajkowski in Inamorata runs with her baby bump!


Famous for her extra slim waist, Emily Ratajkowski now has a pretty rounded belly. She reveals her baby bump on Instagram!

Even with a bulging little stomach, Emily Ratajkowski continues to win over millions of fans. The very famous American model unveils his baby bump on Insta and then once again caused a sensation.

Not long ago, Emily Ratajkowski made a very big announcement via social networks. As you probably know, she is pregnant!

Yes, you did hear it. This unexpected news continues to make a lot of noise. The public still can’t believe it!

The star of the Web, particularly famous for her extra thin waist, now displays a small rounded belly of which she seems very proud.

On Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski thus continues the photos always more sublime than the others. Something to delight his many fans.

In fact, she has just reoffended! Discover the last shot of the future mother.


On the Web, Emily Ratajkowski is a huge success. It’s simple, everyone loves it and so don’t hesitate to let them know.

As a result, the very famous American model has no less than 27 million subscribers on Insta. No, you’re not dreaming !

And it has once again made the happiness of the latter with a brand new original shot. Nothing seems to be able to stop it!

In a very beautiful orange jogging from her own brand, Emily Ratajkowski reveals her sublime baby bump. The photo sends very heavy!

Seduced, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s post. They still can’t believe it! So we’ll let you take a look, but … Watch your eyes!

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