Emily Ratajkowski in casual clothes to pose with her dog!


In Story of her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo where she displayed herself in casual clothes with her dog Colombo!

Not long ago, Emily Ratajkowski announced incredible news to her fans. She revealed that she was pregnant. A 4th member will therefore soon join the family. By adjoining, the pretty brunette is pampering her 1st baby: Colombo.

It has been a few months since Emily Ratajkowski and her husband welcomed a lovely dog ​​into their family. Named Colombo, the latter fills the young woman with happiness. She enjoys every moment with her dog.

Emily Ratajkowski enjoys walks in the park or in nature. But also a moment of cuddling with Colombo. One thing is certain, the two have a very good relationship. And soon, her pet will have to take care of the new baby.

Next year, the model, her husband Sebastian and Colombo will see their lives turned upside down. But before that happens, the young woman gives all her time to her pet. This weekend, she also posed with him on the Web.


This Sunday, December 20, Emily Ratajkowski also posted a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. She struck a pose in the street, walking Colombo. The beauty has also placed a crown gif on the head of her dog.

For her part, the mother-to-be opted for a very loose sweatshirt, as well as brown jogging pants and white New Balance sneakers. To complete her look, she also opted for a beige beanie and sunglasses.

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With her relaxed look, she won over her fans. They also noticed that her baby bump was hidden by her rather large outfit.

To take her picture, the actress took off her mask. She still took care to take him on board during her ride with Colombo.


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