Emily Ratajkowski Helps Boost Paris Texas Boot Sales!


When Emily Ratajkowski wears “Paris Texas” boots, some stocks of the brand’s models show “sold out” very quickly!

It’s no secret that Emily Ratajkowski is a true fashion icon. In 2018, the star made the buzz by appearing with sublime “Paris Texas” boots. Needless to say, it was the raid on the brand’s official website.

To this day, Emily Ratajkowski is part of the highest paid models of the moment! Thanks to her allure and pretty face, she quickly conquered the fashion world.

For several years, the incendiary brunette has also been increasing partnerships with the biggest brands. Before the pandemic, it was not uncommon to see her participate in numerous parades.

Like you, Emily Ratajkowski is also very active on Instagram. On this social network, the top model has more than 27 million subscribers.

And the young woman loves to interact with her many admirers. Being versatile, the incendiary brunette has more than one string to her bow.

In parallel to her modeling career, she also brilliantly manages her brand Inamorata. On the Web, the star gladly poses with her own models of swimsuits and lingerie.

And each time, all of his shootings are a sensation in his community. A true marketing pro, the pretty brunette understands that her name and her image are selling and she would be wrong to deny herself.

Anonymous and celebrities love to be inspired by everything she wears! In 2018, Emily Ratajkowski made a big publicity stunt for the shoe brand “Paris Texas”.

Thanks to her, everyone wanted to have them. The proof in pictures!


Very comfortable with her femininity, Emily Ratajkowski loves to alternate looks according to her desires. As you can see in the photo above, the star showed off with creations from Annamaria Brivio!

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This ultra-trendy brown style pairs perfectly with the rest of her outfit. We love !

Obviously, the brand’s sales have simply exploded thanks to the model. Subsequently, many stars have also succumbed to the sublime “Paris Texas” boots.

Like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lippa. But also Miley Cyrus. It must be said that the models are always trendy and timeless!

No matter what your dress style, you should find something to suit you. “I follow my instinct more than the trends when it comes to the materials we use. And I always like to play with a touch of color, ”said Annamaria Brivio for Vogue.

Not surprisingly, the prices vary according to your expectations! And obviously, Emily Ratajkowski often heats up her credit card to get the latest models from the famous stylist.


In recent months, the pretty brunette has decided to ease off! Yes, Emily Ratajkowski is going to pamper very soon.

Being pregnant with her 1st child, the star seems to be enjoying her pregnancy to the full. On the Internet, she gladly exhibits her baby bump.

To this day, no one knows the sex of their unborn baby! We just know that the top model wants to instill a non-gendered education.

But judging by her latest statements for “Vogue”, it’s a safe bet that she will be a real mother hen. We look forward !


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